I am a sociologist specializing in the study of gender and work, currently affiliated with the Department of Sociology at New York University as a postdoctoral researcher.

In my work I want to understand how inequalities between groups at the workplace are (re)produced, often focusing on the role of gender as a structure deeply embedded in society. I use large surveys and administrative data and various quantitative methods to study issues such as the gender gap in workplace authority and the gender pay gap. I am also an active proponent of reproducible research practices and transparency in social science research. My work has been published in leading social science and gender studies journals, including theĀ American Sociological Review, Social Forces and Gender & Society.

I hold a PhD degree in Sociology (2022) from the University of Amsterdam. In 2021 I received a Rubicon grant (2022-2024) from the Dutch Research Council for research on the stalled narrowing of the gender pay gap. Prior to this I was a recipient of a Research Talent grant (2016-2021) for my PhD project on the incomplete integration of women in workplace authority.