PhD Project: Women’s Underrepresentation in Job Authority

In my PhD project, funded by a Research Talent grant awarded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), I study women’s underrepresentation in job authority from an organizational perspective. Specifically, I look into (1) why women are underrepresented in authority to varying degrees across organizations and industrial sectors, (2) how explanations of women’s underrepresentation in authority vary across organizational contexts, and (3) how the organizational context and individual characteristics interconnect to (re)produce women’s underrepresentation in job authority.

Consequences of Women’s Representation in Positions of Power

Women’s (under)representation in positions of power arguably has consequences that transcend those that concern the women occupying these positions. I am interested in both broader societal and more narrow organizational repercussions of women’s (under)representation in authority. In this context, I have studied the influence of the share of women in management on the gender gap in earnings at the workplace (see my 2018 Gender, Work & Organization article).

Gender-of-interviewer Effects in Survey Research

On a more methodological note, I do research on gender-of-interviewer effects and reporting bias in interviewer-assisted survey data collection. Research has suggested gender-of-interviewer effects in interviewer-assisted data collection to be especially pertinent when sensitive topics are discussed. Specifically, I study whether gender-of-interviewer effects bias measures used for cross-country comparisons of gender-related ideology.